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Must See!Follow Today[1-99 Mining Mirror Client Project]Using Khals Motherloade[Daily Updates][Guide/Help] Help Prevent Bans! Must See Thread

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Mirror Client Only Fresh Proxies Fresh Accounts


If you need Fresh Proxies please contact me $5 per proxy PP only


So let me explain what is going on here. This is a simple project showing the effectiveness and efficiency of the mirror client if used in the correct way. Below I will post daily picture, gains and errors having to do with the mirror client and the script I am using. 


If you have any questions about my setup, where my proxies come from, how do I run multiple accounts from the same computer and how do I get proxy switches automatically every 3 hours please contact me personally for more information @ skype easygoldstop.


Please do keep in mind that the mirror client is constantly updated by the developers so somethings might change over time improving the client and making it more effective for us users to use. If you have any question about how the client works and all that good stuff please contact the mirror client developers or maldesto this is simple a project of the mirror client.


Thread : Need to know


  • I use fresh proxies daily or every 3 hours they switch
  • Both accounts are on the same proxy for no more than 3 hours a day then it is changed
  • I do camp my bots meaning I respond to in game users when they talk to me occasionally 
  • I do take breaks occasionally please read the spoiler description to see if any breaks were taken.
  • If the account is banned it does not mean it was the mirror client it could be anything in this case I will do a well though up investigation on the many things it could have been.
  • If you feel there is anything I can do to speed up my progress or increase the efficiency of this project please let me know.


Day 1 [1-30 mining using basic miner on mirror client]


2CwfEL2.png VTBnqSq.png



Day 2 [30 mining using Khal Motherloade] Just starting motherloade




Day 2 [10 hours of afk botting while at work][870 coal banked] no ban 




Day 3 [18 hours of afk] 1.2 ish coal banked and some gold ore [No ban]





Day 4. Did not bot was waiting to purchase the script so this can be docked as a 24 hour break from mirror client. Also upgrading both pickaxes on the accounts to rune today.


Day 5 - Starting back up with 2 account they both are on the same IP address which changes randomly every 5-6 hours when the account takes a 5-10 minute break. 




Day 6 [Loads of hours of botting and some millz made] Still no ban bot is running smooth IP changed 3 times in 6 hours so keep that in mind the accounts took 3 breaks that were 15 minutes each throughout the day. I did not interact with anyone and also did not disable randoms. Both account are doing just fine. Any quest post them below in thread thanks you




Day 7 [More countless hours of botting non stop] made some cash going to post the pictures and progress below.






Thread Rules


  1. No flaming 
  2. No spamming 
  3. Keep conversations strictly about the project at hand 
  4. Feel free to ask any questions
  5. Please read full thread before asking question
  6. Be respectful of the project 




Question of the day post answers below: 


I am thinking of investing more account into this how many do you think would be a good start besides the 2 accounts that I have?

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What is motherload? 



Also progress is coming along 




Im actually liking the mirror client its one of a kind. 


+5 to the developers


Motherlode* is probably the best way to make money with mining lvl30+, it's p2p though.

And yeah the mirror client is great since the experimental update.

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Motherlode* is probably the best way to make money with mining lvl30+, it's p2p though.

And yeah the mirror client is great since the experimental update.


All of my accounts are pay to play ill need to google about motherload are there any quest req?

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tell me if you need an trial for the script ^^


Yes I do need a trial for the script can you hit me up on skype. 






any progress yet man?


I turned the bot off for the night once it reached 30 mining but im going to start it up in a little while. 


I would HIGHLY recommend that you do some quests and train some other shit.


Yes im going to do that on another account right now I just want to checkout the likely hood of being banned on a lvl 3. 

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