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OSBot 2.3.56 - All kinds of things

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Dear community,

This patch contains the following change list:

- @Maxi
-- Fixed issue with bank#getItemCountForTab, fixing multiple issues with banking
-- Made doorhandler handle obstacle methods to return a boolean of the interaction result
-- Made the store methods return a boolean with the interaction result
-- Added a fully functional hint arrow API, supporting location, npc and player hint arrows
-- Added a failsafe to the WalkingEvent to hopefully stop the repetitive clicking of the same tile indefinitely
-- Added a patch to the RS2Widget#getItems() method to return items that have an amount of 0
-- Changed the way the client authenticates with the server, something we tried doing to solve issues a minority of people are having with the "You need VIP to run multiple tabs" issue whilst not even running 1 tab
-- Fixed a NPE in Widgets#isVisible(RS2Widget[] widgets)


I'll update the javadocs in a bit.


Also, I have forced all SDN scripts to be recompiled, some scripts did not compile and returned errors. This will require scripters to fix their compile errors.


Last thing, I've noticed how the WorldHopper doesn't function properly on the obfuscated client, but does work properly on the non obfuscated client. We will have to find the source of this issue, but it will get patched this week.


The OSBot team

P.S. The server needs a restart, give it 5 minutes before it is restarted. Until then, the client will not load / inject properly.


P.P.S. Server was restarted, the bot should be useable now.

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