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Greetings from the FUTURE

Anti Farmer

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Little aboot myself. From Maine, been playing the RUNEscapes since 2002, shortly after they dropped classic..  been part of the RS underground/botting community since 2005 (yes kids that is a decade). Really dig this OSRS version, I was always a classic fiend so its like the perfect blend between classic and rs3.


Anyway, I really like bots. I stopped playing legiatmately years ago, too much time. I dont have the time to devote to get all the skills I want. I did that once and main got banned (for botting, no surprise there) so I said heck with it if Im going to play this silly game Im going only botting here on out.


The last time I got back into botting was maybe like 2011-2012 when RSBuddy was still around. That shit was SOO legit. Trained up 1,300 skill total all botting, and still to this day I think its prolly one of my crown acievements for bot clients and not getting banned.


So now at this point I really just enjoy the technology. I like to see what the scripters are up to and what the devs are doing these days to stay on the cutting edge. I remember when JaGex released their whole bot-nuke update that took down RsBuddy and everything else with it. I remmeber thinking "They finally did it, this is the end of botting as we know it". But low and behold nothing can stop ya'll from fighting back. So long as there's Runescape there will always be those looking to cheat the shit out of it!


Anywho, names Nick. Also went by Velocity, and KingMe on other forums. Cheers!

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