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OSBot 2.3.43 - Account Management, Settings API, and more


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For as long as I can remember, the account database where you store your RS Account details and preferences suffered from potential deletion every OSBot update. The reasons are a little bit technical and although it was possible to patch the old system, I decided to make a new one. Please note that just like the old system, the new system will store your information in plain text locally. Never give anyone your OSBot files (store.dat, accounts.dat, etc).


For advanced users, you can directly modify preferences by opening accounts.dat. The format is currently as follows:


So for instance:


I know there are a few "mega-farmers" out there that would really appreciate this.


TL;DR: You will lose all your account data this update, but future updates will not affect the new account database.


In addition the Settings API is going under a huge re-work. Soon scripters will be able to enjoy the full functionality of everything in-game settings has to offer.



-New account management system
-Added SettingsTab enum to Settings
--Contains Display, Audio, Chat, Controls
--Added Settings method open(SettingsTab)
--Added Settings method isTabOpen(SettingsTab)


Have a great weekend

-The OSBot Staff


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