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Reporting Bugs with Scripts

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I have seen a increase in the number of bugs within scripts due to the release of the Mirror client, we need to all remember that the mirror is in the Beta phase and there is still some things that need to be ironed out. A lot of you don't know how much time goes into fixing bugs in scripts/client when the issue may be something as simple as switching from Mirror Mode to Standard Mode.


We appreciate all the reports you give us however I would like to urge users to use the following bug report format when posting on threads, so we can get a better overall experience for both the user and the scripter (bugs will be addressed much more quickly).

OSBot Version:
Mirror Mode (Y/N):
Script Version:
Screenshot/Error Log (if possible):
Anything Else?:

I hope this will be an effective method for both scripters/users alike to address the issues that require fixing. 


Kind regards

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