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I am back bby

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OSBot community,


I'd like to introduce myself to all of those who may or may not know me. I used to moderate this website before as a super moderator but quit due to studies. I am back once again as a mere trial moderator, but in my heart I will always be a pink. If you need advice on anything (mostly IRL problems) you may add my skype and I will be there to assist you. I am also here to hear out your complaints and address them in the best way possible. I hope to satisfy everyone and help the community to be an overall pleasurable place to come to. A few things about me that may deem interesting is I'm addicted to league and anime. I used to video edit back in the day and I attempted to make a few advertisements for OSBot. 


I'd like to say that I just recently joined this website again and I may not be perfect in assisting you but I will try my best if you are patient. If you'd like to know anything more about me, you may ask, just don't expect the answer wink.png


Thank you for reading. 

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