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I think my friends think I masturbate, how do I convince them otherwise :O


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So after school today we were all at our lockers having a chat, and me and somehow the topic got to masturbation. So someone made a joke saying one of our other friends (let's call him Friend 1)(who at the time was unaware of our topic was talking to "Friend 2" also unaware of the topic) was an Olympic masturbator. So we all started laughing and saying "Aww, <friend 1>, that's gross..!". He had no idea what we were talking about, so at the time it was all good. Then my Indian friend said <friend 2> was a gold medalist in the sport. Once again, knowing they had no idea what sport we were talking about (masturbation) we all said "Ewww, <friend 2> that's just gross!!!".


Then I took it too far, and said "So <friend 1>, my record is 2hrs did you beat that?" and "So, do your do endurance or speed runs"? and the one that sealed the deal, "Gold medal <friend 2>? Wow, that must be hard...".



I don't actually masturbate but I think they think I do. (I'm not going to lie I have in the past). How do I convince them I don't, because I seriously think they do :o


If any of you aren't anti-social nerds you'll understand it's kind of awkward.

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