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  1. Aza

    Ill be back for you nub

  2. Aza

    Scammed 33M

    I would like to ask to be banned now then, doubt I will have the funds within 24hours, let alone a week. Hopefully I should be back in approximately a month with the funds so I can appeal this ban. 1m a day should be do able to make the money back.
  3. Aza

    Scammed 33M

    He has access to my laptop and RS account, they were given to me so he could entertain himself while I was at work. Majority of my logins are set to "remember me" meaning he can log into my OSBot account without knowing the password. I did create that thread myself, I did infact have the intention of selling the account although to get your money back I'm going to have to use it to make the cash back. I have taken full blame for this and will try to rectify this mistake, he still denies it and I personally don't wish to be banned as i have sunk alot of time into this forum.
  4. Aza

    Scammed 33M

    I read through the whole thing. I've had a friend staying with me the past two weeks, when I showed him this he had a shit eating grin on his face. He carries on to deny it when it is fairly obvious that he has had something to do this. I was at work all day yesterday, including during the time of the scam. As this is my account it is only fair I take some of the blame, I will work on getting your money back. I shall try to persuade my friend to hand it over otherwise I will need 3-5weeks in order to grind out money making techniques on OSRS to make the money back. I'm sorry this happened and I will try my best to help.
  5. I'll be the first to admit, I've been here for over a year and this more or less looks like its dying. Jagex are beating these fuckers and they can't get back up Also Dying.
  6. "They don't have evidence" They obviously do.
  7. 1) There hasnt been a poll 2) that was just a stream showing that it could be implemented into 07 3) it probably will pass the poll 4) they are most likely going to change the drops You are welcome.
  8. Legit play on 07, botting just isn't worth it anymore
  9. Aza

    Solving Clue Puzzles

    https://sites.google.com/site/proulxssolver/ Don't pay someone else when it is free.
  10. To put in perspective over half the people playing RS at any given time are using the Orion client.
  11. pls add "Aza got ignored for Veteran rank for a 5th time" k thnx bai
  12. Bot = ban 99% of the time now.
  13. I own a pair of beats, they sound fairly decent. Yes they are overpriced like a plain white top from somewhere like Hollister is overpriced cos you are paying for the brand image.
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