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A BLAST! of cash and smithing xp.

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Welcome to my Blast Furnace dev & goal thread!



So, a few day ago me and my friend Nezz embarked on the journey of making a new script .We were looking for something fun to code -that had great rewards, and we found it. biggrin.png The script we're makign is a Blast Furnace script. The Blast Furnace is located in the Dwarven city, and all you need to use the Blast Furnace is to start the Giant Dwarf quest. 




It's nearly finished, and it's awesome! You can make 300k/hr+ w Steel and 1m/hr+ with Rune. It's going to be a pricey script to keep prices from dropping (Srsly).


We're currently working on making the final touches.


This is going to be a blog about perfecting my script and achieving 90+ smithing and making a shit-tonne of cash..

I might use smith some of the bars I smelt to boost levels early on. I want to get to 70 ASAP for addy.


Start smithing level:



Current smithing level:


Current Ores, Bars, & Cash:

Total value: 15.5m



Progress reports:








Join me and become a tester!

I'm looking for FIVE GOOD TESTERS! I want my testers to leave tons of feedback, progress reports, and criticism my on my threads. So if you're someone that is GOOD at botting, and can run the script alot and give me feedback feel free to apply. Anyone who receives Tester status wil\l get a free copy of the script biggrin.png


Fill out this for if you want to be a scriptwriter:

1) How experienced are you with botting?
2) Do you have an account (Or multiple) w/ 30+ smithing?
3) Will you post proggies, feedback, and criticism in my threads?
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Heck yeah everyone, I'm really ejoying working on the script and the exp + gold i'm getting so far. The good thing about this is that it's a mini-game, so the more people that join the Better gp/hr you get. The script is able to work in large groups OR in solo-mode.

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What's the recommended smithing to start at?

Could I start it at 1? ohmy.png

I'm here to test if you guys need anyone tongue.png

  • Smithing level 60 or a 2500 coins (1250 coins when wearing a Ring of charos,) coin entrance fee; to utilise the furnace for smelting bars

Note that for teams, all of the following level requirements must be met for the team overall, not for each individual.

  • Strength level 30, for pumping the stove.
  • Agility level 30, for pedaling the conveyor belt.
  • Crafting level 30, for fixing the broken pipes.
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