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Scripter Ranks Proposal

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Scripter Ranks Proposal

Proposer: @Alek

Proposed: 14 March 2014


Issues: Members of the community feel that the permissions of SDN Script writers de-values the cost of VIP. Official Script Developers also feel the need to distinguish themselves from regular script writers.




Name Changes:

Official Script Developer > Script Developer

SDN Script Writer > Script Writer


Aesthetic Changes:

Script Writers will have their primary rank as "Script Writer" instead of secondary. No name color changes.



@Maldesto Unlimited tabs will stay.



Script Developer applications will remain as they are. 

"Normal" members can be upgraded to Script Writer from either:

1. Making a script that gets accepted onto the SDN

2. Have an exceptional local script



Demotions will continue as they are. Script Writers will lose their status when they fail to maintain the standards which they were promoted for.


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  • Administrator

Then reform the rank. I do not understand the mindset that one (or a few) people should devalue the people who make OSBot a profitable company. This logic makes no sense.

You can't really reform the rank as they are given access to the script developer section through the rank. I mean we could make another rank that isn't seen, and doesn't have a pip that can access the developer section.

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  • Administrator

Penalizing scripters for administrative issues is nonsense.

I am about to make a new rank to give to sdn scripters and have everyone removed from their current group and if they have maintained their script for a month they will be placed back inside the sdn script developers group who have a pip + unlimited tabs, or whatever Alek decides 2-4.

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