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Forum rank rework

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I think there's a general consensus that forum ranks need an overall rework.

Current list of forum ranks:


Staff positions:


Super Moderator

Global Moderator

Trial Moderator

Chatbox Assistant


Donator positions:



$100+ Donor


Other ranks:



Verified ranks (services, transactor, middleman)

SOTW Winner

Graphic Designer

Official Scripter

SDN Scripter



The problem I see:

There are too many ranks. There is a confusion as to which colors mean what, especially for new people.


What I think should happen:

I think a majority of name colors should be removed.

I think Staff should have a glowing name color + an icon at the start/end of their name to indicate staff. (or rank indicated in name somehow)

I think Trial Scripter should be added.

Any rank that gives a name color should not be glowing


Ranks (other than staff) that should have name colors:

VIP, Sponsor

SDN, Official Scripter


Why do I think these ranks and not others?

This site is a site built on scripts for osbot. Without the scripters, this site would fail.

VIP/Sponsor give access to special benefits. If you're a 100+ Donor, you should have VIP/Sponsor anyway.


Change of ranks:

Currently SDN Scripter gives unlimited tabs, access to VIP/Sponsor board, access to Script Dev board, and has no ads.

This should be changed to:

OSD should be SDN's current benefits.

  • Change in requirements for OSD:
  • Premium SDN script for at least one month.

SDN should get 4 bot tabs (shared between clients, not 4tabs/client), access to script dev board, and no ads.

  • Change in requirements for SDN Scripter:
  • 2 Free SDN scripts for at least one month, proof of basic Java knowledge.
  • This will limit the current "price war" on scripts, as a new person will not be able to just pop in and put up a script for 2 dollars. It will also limit the amount of new scripters putting not-so-good scripts up as premium, as they will have need to already make, update, and sustain a free script.

Trial Scripter should get 2 bot tabs (shared between clients), access to script dev board.

  • Not really any requirements. Perhaps member for at least one month?

All PIPS can stay. I have seen too often Ex-Staff, Veterans, Donors, etc be treated as staff simply for having a different name color than VIP/Sponsor.

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I agree the ranks need a drastic rework. A possible fix would be implementing an "award" type system with little tiny images underneath the userbars we have representing things like "Active Member" or "@Maldesto's Bitch". That way the site could really add as many silly things as they wanted without crowding up PiP's and name colors.

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the changes of ranks that you suggested.

E.g. You say there're too many ranks and then the first thing I see is 'bring back trial scripter'


It would take out the colored name from Vet, Graphics Designer, and Ex-Staff.

What I mean by too many ranks was that there were too many current colors.

There is nothing wrong with the way it is now. It would just be more confusing if it was changed to your suggestion.

How so? To have staff marked would be an excellent thing. To remove useless colors would also be a good thing, so new people aren't so confused as to who is what and why there are so many colors in chat.


The reason why you made this topic is because you really want the color from the sdn rank.

If things were changed, I wouldn't even be SDN. I don't have any free SDN scripts.

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I agree with some of the rework on ranks and etc mate, but im pretty sure sdn scripter is 4 tabs already only :P

hence why they would be sdn scripters only or just a regular scripter rank......

I'm not sure if your English is bad or I'm just failing to understand you..

But why would they deserve a whole new rank just because they have a premium script?

Edited by Erza
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