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  1. You are a good mod, but stop acting like a robot lol.

    1. Nick
    2. Superman


      Yes, you act extremely robotic. All your replies are pretty much the same, you act overly happy, and you're taking it too far. Just relax and act like a normal human being :)

    3. RoomScape


      Man, I don't have a problem with him, he's the best! (:s)

      *Whipsers* BROOO, when the robots rebel against us, Nick will kill you first!! :|

  2. Mines 251. Don't mean to grave dig, but this topic was too important to not reply to. ;)
  3. Oh the memories. This was my childhood
  4. I don't know if you want attention or of you really are depressed, but if you are, get some medication
  5. A lot of bots are being banned, so their are less items in the game, which causes the price to go up. I have't been getting any bans either, we are just lucky. ;)
  6. He has 22 posts, what a post whore
  7. Superman


    And whose fault is it that you are behind on rent?
  8. Superman


    That's so irrelevant.
  9. Superman


    Oh god no. Raflesia for president, Smart for vice president, Alek for... smart's servant
  10. Superman

    Rate my sig 1-10

    10/10, except it has that big black box thing around it.
  11. Yes, zybez is the GE of OSRS.
  12. Superman


    Gratz, didn't know you could get mod in less than 2 months after joining
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