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PS4 or Xbox1


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  1. 1. Which will you get?

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    • Playstation 4

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I planned to start a console war, an unwinnable war that would result in a stalemate between Sony fanboys(Like I) and Xbox fankids. However Sony have come out flying and everyone knows it. GF Microsoft.

They absolutely dealt the finishing blow to microsoft in the form of supporting re-selling games and no always online connection. Then to bring up the price, in England its an astonishing £80 difference which is about the equivilent to 2 games(£40ea).

I mean yeah Song has made Playstation+ compulsory for online gameplay but microsoft have being doing this for years so i don't mind paying this extra fee for what is going to be a great.


Other peoples opinions? 

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I am a (Xbox fankid) Been a hardcore xbox player since early 2009 i was so excited to here xbox one was coming out but i am really disappointed what they showed. And i also think PS4 isent much better really we will see what happens but for now im still and xbox fan kid and always will be

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Xbox 1 is $100 more, which honestly isn't much in the world of gaming. They're giving out 2 free games a month (good ones, first 2 are AC and Halo 3), PS4 doesn't have that much better exclusives, the always online feature isn't that big of a deal for me. The only issue I see is that you can't buy pre-owned games, but it will be interesting to how stores like Gamestop respond to this. But, honestly Xbox 1 seems better.

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I have always supported xbox over everything else but now I am just going to get a PS4 due to the backwards compatibility, means I can get all those exclusives I never had a chance to play and all the future ones too. Maybe in 2 or 3 years I will consider a xbox but once I get my computer in a month or so I probably won't play console games ever again.

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