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  1. I still love you Maldesto

  2. Well fuck.... Can't to multiple things at once.
  3. Might as well waste time doing something
  4. It's not that bad to have it on the Pizza
  5. Sex


    I have done all of the well-known ones
  6. 5/5 because why the fuck not?
  7. Hi Love.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sex


      you reply so damn fast....

    3. The Hero of Time

      The Hero of Time

      i just refreshed osbot to see a new notification ;p

    4. Sex


      How has things changed around here? I've been gone for 11 months. Did I miss anything interesting?

  8. You don't need Gravatar to change your avatar. It's only useful if you want to keep the same picture on every website that supports it.
  9. Let me make this simple : This was the result from fixing a previous security issue, it should be fixed within the coming weeks. The only people will see it is the ones who have the youtube app installed. Google isn't trying to force ads on the user, they know this would cause them to decline.
  10. Sex

    Tits or Ass?

    Obviously both......
  11. Change.

    1. The Hero of Time

      The Hero of Time

      yeah , wheres ur avatar

    2. Sex


      I'm not totally sure, I can't find a good avatar anymore.

  12. Seems to be a waste of money, you should have bought something more useful.
  13. You actually think that 5-6 hours is something
  14. Even Young Thug is better.
  15. Fuck happened to my spam section :( ?

    1. RoomScape


      It got overrun with rats.

    2. Sex


      Time to fuck em' up.

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