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  1. And there is absolutely no possible way I can get the money. I don't even have an RS account. Not to mention I won't even be back from vacation in 48 hours.
  2. That's where you're wrong, I can easily claim the same thing. I know the rules Maldesto. I'm not going to be forced to pay.
  3. I have discussed with Crippeh. I'm not going to pay him due to the lack of evidence. But, that being said I will still try to get his stuff back from Sylveon (If he actually did take it). I'm not responsible for this, although I do apologize for acting like an ass. You have to understand that all of this totally blind sided by all of these accusations, and my reputation and rank has fallen victim to these accusations. Having worked so hard to get where I was, and all of the work I put in when I was a moderator, for those things to completely vanish due to these accusations (and not to mention I'm trying to enjoy my vacation) you can't expect anyone to not be pissed. As I said previously, I'm sorry for your losses and I'll try and get your stuff back. But I am not responsible for this, therefore I'm not going to refund you. Things would might be different if I had the money to pay you out of the kindness of my heart, sadly I just can't help you by repaying you myself. Kind regards, Zach.
  4. Oh and my service was closed 3 days ago. I'm not responsible for anyone's actions anymore unless it happened before I closed it. And it didn't. So bye
  5. No. It is not clear that anyone took his items. 3 people had his information. Me. Nic. Kamil. Want to accuse me? Or my ex partner? Then you should accuse Xgate aswell. I'm not paying you anything, and of course if I'm on vacation and I have to deal with this bull, I'm going to be pissed. Sorry but you lack evidence, I'm not paying you anything.
  6. 1. I was going to finish Kamils order since his internet went out. 2. He violated my Tos by not changing his password. Oh and Crippeh, without any proof whatsoever I don't owe you shit. And I never cussed you out, I just said fuck and bullshit a lot. Cussing you out would be me calling you a fucking idiot and calling you a ton of names. Which I didn't. Of course I'm pissed, I didn't do shit wrong and I'm trying to enjoy my vacation with my sisters. Instead of me fully enjoying my vacation I have to deal with YOUR bullshit claims. Everybody knows I didn't scam you, so you might aswell quit trying to say I did. Oh and if you still believe I scammed you, explain how I would scam you without being on my computer. Now, I'm going to try and get Nic to refund Pain, and MAYBE. MAYBE. You if he admits that he took your shit. If he says he didn't, then I'm not going to do shit for you. Your lack of evidence is hilarious, and if people say me or one of my employees scammed you based off of your evidence, I can easily turn it back around on you and say you staked your shit away and you hopped on the bandwagon and asked for a refund. Me and my employees have done many orders for you, and you think we would just scam you now? Pathetic.
  7. Are you fucking kidding me. He has no evidence I did anything, I'm not liable for anything. He posted his password in the chat, I didn't tell him to now did I? He violated my T.O.S. I didn't even scam him. I've been trusted with way more gold. Yeah, I lost $600 worth of gold. But that doesn't automatically mean I'm going to scam anyone. I get over it. I'm on vacation right now, and I'm forced to deal with this bullshit. He has no evidence whatsoever, he violated my T.O.S, oh and one more thing. I didn't scam him.
  8. http://imgur.com/4crYWKn http://imgur.com/BO6u6Ef Lmfao. You kidding me?
  9. http://imgur.com/4crYWKn http://imgur.com/BO6u6Ef Not liable for shit. This is all BULLSHIT.
  10. Oh and I never deleted you off skype????
  12. No. This is complete bullshit. The T.O.S States that you HAVE to change your password after the service is completed. I never once got on your account, and I don't even have the details to your account. Refund you? Are you kidding me? You have absolutely no evidence whatsoever. I didn't scam you, nor did anyone else. You have absolutely no evidence and you're trying to accuse me? Seriously? I'm on fucking vacation and I'm getting fucked in the ass out of nowhere. This is such bullshit.
  13. I'll refund you the damn $3. Even though you said it didn't even matter anymore.
  14. What the hell?? I'm on a plane ride to Las Vegas and I get fucked by 4 different people?? 1. YOU told me not to worry about it, and I apologized for not doing it. You said it doesn't matter anymore, therefore I never finished it. This is all complete bullshit.
  15. Me and Sylveon personally lost $500~ when our account was banned as-well (This was after we started on your account). Once we got a mass amount of gold on our account we stopped botting, and it got banned. I'll do the best I can to refund you Pain.
  16. I did it before o.o Was selling some clay and forgot I had limit, so the buyer dropped the cash and I dropped the clay.
  17. You can drop trade in F2P, but make sure there is no one else around.
  18. Basic


    botsic anne sandwich
  19. So... DreadKnight Garen is on sale. It's probably the best skin for him in my opinion, so I might buy it. Oh wait, IT'S FREE. Don't fall into Rito's trap! You can get Garen and the skin for free here! http://woobox.com/scrx56 (This site is ran by Riot!)
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