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  1. 99 magic 74 combat, 1 offense bot minor. Has all other combats around 60, hm would it be worth?
  2. Same issue, cant find a way to fix it
  3. I could do it for 14m. All I need is all items required for quests.
  4. Enjoyed celebrating my country by blowing some of it up.
  5. It will not let me select what option to use. When I click whatever option, nothing pops up. The script worked fine a few weeks ago, just started acting like this the other day when I tried using it. This is the the menu that pops up, it wont go further than this.
  6. Doing the same thing for me. Thought id let you know since the other person didn't get back to you yet.
  7. The dude straight up looks like Boogie2988.
  8. Does the script support making pineapple pizzas?
  9. Voted for Gary. I will have a clean conscience.
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