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BotRS123's Feedback

  1. Bermi left Positive feedback   

    Sold me his 99 WC account easy with no problems.

    BotRS123 was The Seller

  2. iliri left Positive feedback   

    bought 162 ranarrs, super smooth

    BotRS123 was The Seller

  3. Gimp left Positive feedback   

    Did Tree Gnome Stronghold + Grand Tree Quest For GP

    BotRS123 was Trading

  4. LegendBois left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a member upgrade :D Went well

    BotRS123 was The Buyer

  5. Occazn left Positive feedback   

    MM'd a pin for 07 gp trade

    BotRS123 was Trading

  6. Zedd Lad left Positive feedback   

    Legit and fast, great seller.

    BotRS123 was The Seller

  7. Master Chief left Positive feedback   

    Made a signature for his gold shop, great guy

    BotRS123 was The Seller

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