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My Opinion on Restrictions


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Like this thread if you agree!



I feel like the restrictions on scripts have to go. Or at least the ones favouring current scripts since it's unfair to the whole community.


So what ATMercher is the best? Maybe the price is too high for some people or it has more features than they need, someone should be able to release another mercher as well. 

I find the reasoning to restrict that reason very unreasonable and invalid to be honest. It's just creating a monopoly on ATMercher and that restriction should be removed. 


Rather than banning premium Duel Arena scripts, just ban scripts which require 2 bots as a whole since it prevents others from creating stakers/etc. which can bring OSBot a lot of profit it if someone decides to write it.


Thanks for reading and hope you take it into consideration rather than saying tl;dr.


For those arrogant children:

tl;dr, I would prefer @Maldesto to remove the restrictions


Edit: If someone can provide good reasoning onto why the restrictions exist that would be great as well.

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honestly theres a very simple solution to this. Have the the script hidden b4 going public/for sale also then I the scripter or a different scripter can auth their script to testers of their choice and get feedback and etc on how the script works etc smile.png


inb4 closed like my thread.

I'm sure Maldesto isn't stupid, he wouldn't lock a thread where every person who responded agrees without taking some sort of insight from this.

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