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  1. It does matter. It's the only reason why when you use a certain script you get banned in a few hours, Jagex compare your movements to other people's movements therefore if you bot a shit ton and play stupid hours they are more likely to receive this information quicker than if you bot say 6 hours per day. If Jagex didn't care then we wouldn't have to constantly create new bots to succeed the older bots.
  2. I don't get why you guys are trying to test this bot's detectability so hard. Okay so Jagex doesn't know what client you're using but then a bunch of people start playing 24/7 doing the same thing over and over and you think they won't start to work harder to detect this? Why not bot normally to try and prolong this bot's success rather than going crazy with it before it's even started.
  3. The only thing I don't like is when you click new content and all you see is gold trading threads. Quite annoying that they can bump them so regularly.
  4. I'd change the RAM to just 8GB, the PSU is also on the small side. If you want to upgrade any parts in the future such as the GPU to a 760/770 series then you'll need to upgrade the PSU. Personally I always buy a 600W PSU as you can't go wrong with it. Check out the OCZ ModXStream pro, i've had mine for years and have had no hiccups!
  5. Hey man, how much would it cost for all the F2p quests to be completed?
  6. Slayer and cannon would be better xp but would also cost a lot too so it's up to you. I'd go with using the cannon on shit tasks to get them out the way.
  7. Antonio Montana


    Maybe a bit too much going there's no clear focal point it's kind of a...well mess really! I'd call it an organised mess though because it is still a good tag I can see the effort you've put in just too messy for me.
  8. The spaceship one is definitely the best, the colours, depth and creativity is all there! The Harry Potter one (to me) looks like a render on a stock nothing really special in my eyes. One day I will enter this competition, shame I really love doing Movie tags!
  9. Didn't agree with the whole if you pay $10 for VIP you can sell an account because someone can pay $10 then sell an account for $50 and scam them? Still making a profit.
  10. Would it be unfair for us to lace this thread with nudes? By the way here is a study that studied what you're doing and found elevated test levels vs the control group. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11760788?ordinalpos=16&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum DO IT!!
  11. Very simple and friendly colour scheme that doesn't resort in you having to try and guess how long it's been running for because the text colour is too similar to the image like in other script paints! Very good, only criticism i'd make is it's maybe too simple, but meh i'm pretty sure most scripters would be happy with it. They look at code most of the time so this looks like the Mona Lisa to them!
  12. Agree completely. Competition is good for this community.
  13. We already have access to perm ban. :fp: I believe the perm ban is for cases where an account has just been setup recently and is spamming the chatbox with a competitor/spam links. I don't believe they gave you access to perm ban in chatbox because they felt you'd need to use it on the community. I don't think I've saw anyone being perm banned on the chatbox apart from a person requesting to be banned. If you're trying to promote an image where you don't want to be power hungry you're kind of doing it in the wrong way. Be content with the position and power you have, after all you've not really had the position for that long either. Also: you're not even in the chat right now, so maybe you should focus on your actual task rather than doing this? Just a suggestion.
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