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  1. Come abck you cunt!

  2. Got permabanned my main now too after the update, so I'm done with this game, will play for a bit on my noob f2p acc till trial ends and that's it, cba to create more accounts
  3. Hopefully they will make client work quickly again lol, cba to wait like 5 hours again :P
  4. I dont get why people even try to goldfarm on F2P, its close to impossible tbh anyway, their bot detection is quite good now. Also, its just lowering the chance of us getting permanent F2P anyway since they are looking at the numbers, and how many buy members after this lol.
  5. Yeah, GL botting succesfully on F2P, its pretty much impossible. The ban rate is insanely high, and they got a dedicated person working on anti botting for OSRS lol
  6. No, in a few weeks. Alot of work on the anagrams and shit i think :p
  7. Yea lol, i got like 100k minds so I'm ready xD
  8. ima fire strike the shit out of lvl 3s
  9. Oh I see, wtf, not sure how that works xD
  10. Yeah the german worlds have been down since yesterday
  11. "all my bots".. where's your VIP m8 ;)
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