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For the next 1-2 months I will be working on my woodcutter. So far I have Draynor Willows coded and Normal Trees are done, I will work on adding Oak Trees this weekend. And I have gotten a GUI set up and a paint is almost done. I just need to line up the text correctly and change the font and color of it. I will be updating this thread weekly on my progress smile.png




Also big shoutout to Swizzbeat for helping me with lining up the paint correctly and his awesome mouse snippet that makes the script truly look much more better. Thank you @Swizzbeat







Shout out to TheScrub for helping me with the drawimages and making obtain the coordinates literally 100x much easier and faster.




Got 6 hour proggy thats needed for any script if you want it to go premium. smile.png Such great progress so far guys smile.png





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