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w7Tuner - Lightweight and Powerful Windows 7 Tuning Tool


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Language: C#



-Kill processes

-Kill services

-Kill startup programs

-Kill tasks

-Delete temp files

-Delete dump files

-Delete log files

-Delete thumbnails


..and many more advanced features!





w7Tuner Crypter

Language: C++

A simple tool to encrypt the update files which users download for the main program.



This software is in a really early stage currently, however I've been making great strides on its core. Unlike other "tuning" software, w7Tuner is the only application that targets other 3rd party applications. By modifying settings which will go unnoticed, it's typical to save hundreds of megabytes of RAM on the first run, along with gigabytes of hard drive space. 


The update feature is quite useful and compact. w7Tuner connects with my website on program startup, checks for a newer version, and gives the user the option to update if any new updates exist. 


This software doesn't need to be installed and will never be a part of system start-up or scheduled tasks. I found it a bit odd how other tuning software did this, when all that really does is hog more computer resources.


Things to do:

-Finish making GUI

-Make website

-Finish premium unlocker

-Beta testing

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