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Releasing FREEEEEEE money making methods! --&!%$& First Method Released&&%$@--

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Thats right people, I will be releasing 100% free money making methods to you people right here. These are private methods of money making which have not been released, and with some of them I will even be releasing a script to go along with it (quality of scripts not assured). 


I've decided I want a tonne of profile views, so here's how it works, for every 100 profile views I get, I will release a new money making method!




My current number of profile views is sitting at 247 as shown above, and just to make things more even, I will release the first method at 300 views!.


Heres a link to my profile incase you didn't know you could just click on my name http://osbot.org/forum/user/11547-ohhungry/


Let the profile count begin!


At the suggestion of Scorpioz, I've now made it every 100 views, incase you people spam the crap out of it tongue.png


Method number ONE 60k-120k/h:


We have reached our 100 profile view goal (almost, I'm a nice guy so I'll do it early). For this method, you will need absolutely no requirements except the ability to get to castle wars.


North of castle wars, next to the observatory, there are some old building foundations. Inside one of these, there is a super-antipoison(1) which spawns. The location of the building is shown in this picture http://gyazo.com/2352e7d7724bf41b79b35bb9728f0983


In a highly populated world, like world 1 or 2, the antipoison spawns about every 30 seconds. A super antipoison(3) sells for 3k, so each does is worth around 1k. Thats 120k an hour on world 1!. On other worlds it takes about a minute to spawn, so it might be more effective to just hop. I do not currently have a script for this, as I've never used the method, but it would be pretty easy for you to make a script for this, as all it has to do is pick up an item every minute or so, use the potions on each other to fill them, and bank at c-wars.


And there you have it folks, our first money making method!! Stay tuned for more and keep those profile views coming!




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