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  1. cant pm will this suffice? confirmed

  2. ScorpioZ

    Staff Elections

    You know somethings wrong when the lead Community Manager knows that his community is full of trolls and people who don't take staff voting seriously. Lol
  3. Or maybe because, you know, macroing is against the rules.
  4. Happens all the time...both of the above...
  5. Tl;dr OP is a whining bitch and can't handle the fact that I'm more verified than him.
  6. oh ok removed my post from the spam section thx mods uwot
  7. Oh wait it was 10 days ago Change logo please
  8. In the first 1.5 days we had more than 1/100 of OSBot's (a community that's been online since March 2012) total posts. On top of that we didn't even have a client/scripts released. OSBot without it's client/scripts would be missing all these posts:
  9. Or, you know, just don't update
  10. You realize they give that to people who have every Verified PIP, right? I'd rather be a verified member than verified middleman
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