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  1. Yes, you can find them here http://opskins.com/index.php?loc=shop_users_page&steamid=76561198131200288 I am only selling them through opskins or Bitcoin
  2. Ohhungry's CS:GO Skin and Key buying shop Skins I'm buying Anything over 5$ Purchase price depends on the skin and current market Looking to buy skins? Check out what I have for sale here Skin List Note: Skins are only for sale directly through opskins or by bitcoin Payment Methods Available Paypal Bitcoin RS/07 GP Is your payment option not listed here? Contact me to see if we can work something out How to Contact Click the link above to add my skype, or add Ohhungry manually Terms of Service I reserve the right to refuse any trade offer Prices are based on the current market and are subject to change You will go first or we can use a trusted middleman (You will pay the fees) All trades are final and trade backs will only be given in exceptional situations Please send me a PM before making any trades over skype for better trade security
  3. I'm currently selling 07 gp for bitcoin. Prices will be adjusted based on market prices, but I'll always be selling for cheaper than the other sellers due to only accepting bitcoin. Yes, I am only accepting bitcoin as payment, all other payment offers will be refused. You will go first or we can use a middleman if you prefer. Current stock: 50M 07 gp Current Price: 1.8 USD/M Skype name is Ohhungry, or you can just click the button above to add me.
  4. If you're a student, click here and sign up, takes like 1 minute. Things you get: -Free 2 day shipping on selected amazon products -Access to over 500,000 ebooks -Access to Amazon Prime Music, with over 1 million songs and hundreds of playlists
  5. I'd be interested you had a source to support this. Does this mean decreased crime rates for crimes unrelated to drugs? Or is it just talking about crime in general? I mean if illegal drugs become legal obviously the drug related crime rate goes down....and overall crime rates decrease as a result, but I don't think that really counts.
  6. Just a note, for some people Java may be in your x86 folder instead, at least it is for me, so the first line should read C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin
  7. Botting can get you banned?!?!?!? Who knew
  8. Maybe if they are in geneva switzerland or something...
  9. It's time for us to stand up for what we believe in. A great evil has been placed upon us, and that is the removal of the Subway theme!!!!!! All the other ones suck, please bring it back. Until then, I'm leaving. Fight the power!!! Peace
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