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Botting to Max

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I decided to try and bot an account to max about a month ago and the account is still going strong. Reaching mid game so I figured I would start posting updates here every few days.

Current Goals:

  • 50 in all stats
  • Full Graceful (already have cape)
  • Fire cape
  • Coal Bag
  • Barrows Gloves

Current account stats as of 3/28:

Total QP: 59



Current Account stats as of 3/31

Total QP: 66


Goal Updates:

  • 50 in all stats: Working on it slowly trying to actually use money making methods instead of dumping 500mill and do fastest training methods so XP is slower.
  • Full Graceful: 4 out of 6 pieces
  • Fire cape: Buying script this weekend
  • Coal Bag: 35/100
  • Barrows Gloves: Need Quest Req


Current Account stats as of 4/8

Total QP: 73



Got a two day ban so I rested the account and botted very lightly.

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