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Supreme Spidine Slayer

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Supreme Spidine Slayer

Create and kill spidines for their red spiders' eggs. Great both for moneymaking or farming red spiders' eggs for yourself (Ironman friendly).


Create and kill spidines.
Loot red spiders' eggs (both noted and unnoted).
Detailed GUI.
Save/Load profiles to start the script faster, using different profiles for different accounts.
Pre-loads an editable default profile.
Quick-prayer support.
Preserve prayer option to disable prayer between kills.
Restore prayer at Ardougne monastery.
Supports banking using fairy rings or using a ring of dueling (both equipped or not).
Travels to Tower of Life using fairy rings or Ardougne Cloak (both equipped or not).
Ability to restore health at bank using chosen food.
Supports stat boosting potions at the bank before each trip.
Supports stamina potion usage at the bank (drinks when below 70 energy).
Custom world hopping: hop if a player is near when entering creature creation.
Optional region hopping - only hop to worlds that are the same region as your current world (for example, if starting on a German world then it will only hop to German worlds).
Custom breaks handler- Allows taking breaks. Will only break at the bank between trips so it doesn't try logging out during combat.
Ability to choose the amount of sardines/eggs to bring for each trip.
Stops when out of any kind of supply.
Paint that shows current status and other information (exp gains, eggs looted, etc).


Completion of Tower of Life.
Ardougne cloak or access to fairy rings for Tower of Life traveling.
Rings of dueling or access to fairy rings for banking.
HIGHLY recommended to have finished Ardougne med diary to about double each trip's efficiency.


Make sure all supplies (potions/food etc) are visible without scrolling when opening the bank.
If using fairy rings make sure your weapon/dramen staff/lunar staff are either equipped or in the 1st inventory slot.
Start at any bank/Ardougne monastery/creature creation.



2 hours with med diary and no breaks

14 hours without med diary and with breaks

Bug Reports:


In order for me to quickly fix any problems please try to provide as much information using the following template:

OSBot version:

Script version:

Mirror mode or injection:


Can you reproduce this? If so how:

Bot log:

Screenshots/video if available:

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