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Path Problem

Titan Rs

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Hi guys

So i'm trying to traverse a dungeon that's a very windy path. At the start of the path. it just try's to skip major parts of the path and then the player stands still against the wall stuck. Anyway around this?




Here's my code. Any help appreciated. This isn't the actual dungeon becuase i don't really want to give away my method. The dungeon i have has gates hence the code below

public boolean walkToDestination(final Position[] positions, final BooleanSupplier bc, final boolean walkExact){
    WalkingEvent walkingEvent = new WalkingEvent();
    walkingEvent.setPath(new LinkedList<>(Arrays.asList(positions)));
    walkingEvent.setBreakCondition(new Condition() {
        public boolean evaluate() {
            return bc.getAsBoolean();
    if (walkExact)
    walkingEvent.setEnergyThreshold(random(5, 15));
    return execute(walkingEvent).hasFinished();

In code
walkToDestination(Paths.TOPSECRETPATH, () -> getInventory().contains("Lobster") && (getSkills().getDynamic(Skill.HITPOINTS) < (getSkills().getStatic(Skill.HITPOINTS) / 1.5) || ((getObjects().closest(o -> o != null && o.getName().contains("Gate") && o.hasAction("Open") && getMap().distance(o) < 5) != null))), false);
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