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Hello comrades! Johno R here!


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This is actually insane that I am joining os bot because on old school runescape I was known by many as "Johno R" and I used to host in world 330 Rimington and there is a big chance some of you may know me from this and some of you are thinking, Well why am I here and what is going?

Well my main account I worked on hard, which I did not level bot on and has been perm banned by jagex and all I did was install your client and run the free advertising scripts and there is a lot of people who advertise using 3rd party tools in world 330 to auto-type, so I feel as if I have been just picked on and banned for legit nothing, there is no way to explain this to jagex and they will not listen.

So I have decided to join the dark side aka the botting community, I will be reading though the forums and learning everything about botting in order to become an elite haxor on old school runescape but like all great professionals they start from the bottom and go to the top.

I hope this community is way better than the jagex and runescape community because both are legit aids and I use to play the game for fun, now I am here to bot and make cash.

So warm welcome for me lady and gentlemen and I hope enjoy the ride.

Your future botlord!

Johno R

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