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experience with runelite plus


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I have been using it for a while now. My account doesn't have any high combat stats or many quests done so I cannot comment on the PVM helpers, nor can I PK, so I haven't tested out their PVP helpers as well. For skilling, there are many helpful features, my favorite would be the Menu Entry Swapper which allows you to change the menu order for items to make it easier (ex;  construction). RuneLite+ is just a fork of the actual RuneLite github, which means that they code found in RL+ is the same as the original RL plus their (RL+) extra plugins. Now that does not mean they could add something to 'log' your information but the community is very nice and helpful and I doubt they would do that to their many users.

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It was made by people who used to sell plugins, but time and time again people would resell them for more/ say they were hard to make etc when that isn’t the case. Now they are providing those same plugins free and updated.


its open source like official runelite

The only account issues u will have are from using plugins like Flexo (mouse movement api) which is pretty much using a bot = ban 


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I've read through most of the plugins and I haven't seen anything suspicious in the code if that's what you're asking. As for if the plugins themselves will get you banned or not I can't really say.

What I do know is that a lot of the plugins they offer I had already made for myself to add on the normal RuneLite since ~summer 2018, and I haven't got any kind of bans.
But then again, I'm not going to guarantee you won't be banned. After all, Jagex has stated that they cannot guarantee the safety of your account if you use 3rd party clients.

I guess it's kind of like botting, if you are fine with the risks and know/can take the consequences if you were to be caught. Just don't do something you'll later regret or can't afford risking.

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