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  1. Can I have a trial please?
  2. mo778


    Account still running fine, no bans?
  3. Suggested Selling Price in GP or $. If anyone wants to buy PM. Quest List: https://giant.gfycat.com/ThoroughNarrowEmeraldtreeskink.webm Bank: https://giant.gfycat.com/PowerfulSardonicKoalabear.webm
  4. May I try out this script?
  5. The recent reviews look very appealing, may I request a 24 hour trial?
  6. Is it possible add an option that world hops if someone talks within X amount of tiles from you?
  7. mo778


    You're pretty much guaranteed a ban with or without prayer flicking. I've tested this on multiple accounts.
  8. Haven't the RS devs confirmed already that they can see what client you are using? I just posted about a ban I got using Night's Magic AIO, which I also used Stealth Mode instead of Mirror Mode (for the first time on this account ever, I usually always use mirror mode), and got a temp ban. (even though I only used Stealth Mode for < 1 hour.) To me, it seems unlikely that this was the script (it could have been though I guess.) I reckon it was the fact that I was constantly changing clients. I would run RuneLite while playing legit, have to logout and close that to open the OSRS client to bot, and then when I finally ran "Stealth Mode" they must have seen I was using all these different clients and it was obvious I was botting. (Even though I was botting < 4 hours / day for only 2-3 days a week). And it's not like my account was brand new either, it's like 3 years old with no prior bans, with a huge amount of quests done and legit play. I really think support should be added for RuneLite again.
  9. mo778

    Night's AIO Magic

    Been "safe" botting the past couple weeks just fine using other scripts. Only been botting < 4 hours for a few days a week. Decided to use this one to enchant some jewellery for < 1 hour and got banned the next day. (Luckily only temp). Note: I did also end up using "Stealth Mode" rather than Mirror Mode with this script, so that could also be the reason, but like I said I only used it for < 1 hour so it's hard to say for certain. Wouldn't recommend this script.
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