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Are these Script-Dev Rules out-Dated?


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I plan on releasing a F2p Script for Scripter rank 1 however... Rules from this post seem kinda out-dated, Its from 2017 

Most Recent Script-Development-Rules I could find


Some of these rules are contradicted and unclear In an evolving market, I think a new approach to the SDN's restrictions would be great for 2019 whilst keeping OSBOT in the top Variety script markets, ( or at least an updated Rules Thread...).

  • No low Level monster killers - But There is Already a poorly made Chicken script on the SDN?
  • No Slayer Scripts - But Ultimate Slayer just got released? ( Not trying to burst anyone bubble, great job to the devs on that Script BTW )
  • No Multi Leveling ( Restrictions 3 ) does that include combat E.g. Att, Str, Def = 3? This also holds back the power of this community. Just curious on this one

🍫 So what's the go :gnome:?



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The rules are a bit ridiculous for scriptwriters, but I believe it's to protect the customers and OSBot's brand. Making it so only the higher ranked scriptwriters get to make & sell the hardest and most complicated scripts not only makes it more likely the customer is getting a higher quality service, but also prevents the market from being over-saturated with potentially worse ones. However, that doesn't mean you can't release your scripts publicly or sell them privately.

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