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Good ol sand crab plebs


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So did you get your mum to call jagex?

We need answers!

For real though, I had a guy log in with his pure so it was me vs his 2 accounts, this is how it went down.

  • Me: Ok you guys take those 2 I got this Crab, Good old Teamwork
  • Them: silence for 1 hour and 10 minutes ( legit )
  • Me: Must be hard playing 2 accounts at once, I bet you can't drink mountain dew and afk like me
  • Them: Your a fucking loser
  • Me: Hey man your the one that tried to stay, I'm just watching YouTube to see if Russia can really take over Europe
  • Them: LOGS OUT

Total battle time: 1h 30m:gnome: 

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