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Gmail +1 trick not working?


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I created accounts like this:


email+1@gmail.com, email+2@gmail.com


It sent me the links for confirming the email, but not the links for unlocking. Did Jagex change something? I tried verifying before lock too, didn't work. Any ideas?


EDIT: lol I'm stupid, didn't even check spam inbox since other emails came straight to inbox.

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13 minutes ago, LeBron said:

Maybe I'm slow, I don't get it.

So if your real mail is token@gmail.com you just register with token+1@gmail.com token+2@gmail.com etc and all confirmation emails get sent to token@gmail.com? 

yes. I think some other email providers offer the same.

I dont really see the point of that feature for normal users though. 

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25 minutes ago, Affray said:

I always used this method and it still works fine.

original email = Affray@gmail.com

Then put a (.) between each letter for example A.ffray@gmail.com,  Af.fray@gmail.com Aff.ray@gmail.com


Above still works fine

But . is a valid symbol(or w/e) to have in your gmail username so wouldn't that send it to different emails? 

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