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Next Promotions v4

Next Promotions v4  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should be the next Global?

    • Falixus
    • ScorpioZ
    • Jason

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Disclaimer: As accurate as these threads tend to be, they are not official in any way.


Next Globals:


How Does it Look?


  • -








Q: Where are the Shoutbox Mods? They can be promoted too.

A: This is true, however due to their recent promotions and extensive activity in the Shoutbox, some of these members, as amazing as they are, wont make this list just yet. They are great users and will probably be seen here v4


Q: Why did you only put globals?

A: The other positions seem full and the people in them seem to be in the right place.


Q: I think _____ should be on this list? Where is he/she?

A: More than likely, when reviewing the users posts I ran into things that wouldn't qualify a moderator. You can however, suggest someone to  be added below.



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Can you add a 'None'?


That would defeat the purpose of the thread, so I can't, sorry xD


Maybe there shouldn't be a new promotion ... I voted #falixus



Lets face it, the staff has been inactive within the past few days.


>More users

>Less globals

>School starts back


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The only one that they would ever consider is Scorpioz the rest...... no...................







We've discussed all of them before ....


And if they were gonna be mod they would be by now.



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