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Is it safe to buy an account without a registered email


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Of course, the account was still created using an email. The account can always be recovered with access to the email used to create the account + the ip address used.


You mean the email is a ghost email? 


I presume you mean you're buying tutorial island accounts?  They're relatively safe, unless they are mass-recovered which seems unlikely to me - as long as you're buying from a good source.

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3 minutes ago, OzanKoray said:

even if the account has never had a registered email? 


and username is fake email

it's never 100%. the original owner can always recover his account. recovery only requires you to be able to fill the recovery form, which of course he can as the original owner will know the information, it doesn't matter what email the account is associated with.

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47 minutes ago, OzanKoray said:

Is it safe to buy an account without a registered email

Definitely, that's the preferred method for a lot of different kinds of account sales since it lets you set the first "real" email on the account. What matters is the relative trust of the person you're buying from. Look for the sellers with a lot of positive feedback, and in addition to that where it just wouldn't make sense for them to try and recover the account on you. A lot of them make so many sales anyways that recovering an account, even a $250 15 year old main would make a net loss for them in terms of lost business.

You'll find some workers on the site who've had 1b+ amounts of wealth accidentally left on the accounts they've been given to work on, they don't bother stealing the bank because their potential future income from good rep and results far outweighs that quick payday.

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