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Muling ban rates?


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Selling gold  few times a week I experience about 1 mule ban every 4-6 months for RWT.

Very rare for mules to get banned IMO. Usually can make like 300-500 sales per account before ban.


Edit, response to dumb comment below: Obviously I don't have feedback here, all my trades are made via Sythe. I'm not going to ask everyone I trade with on Sythe to make an account here to leave me feedback. No need to act ignorant.


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7 hours ago, Nintendo Switch said:

yeah with your 1 feedback LOL

I didn't join OSbot with any intent to sell gold here. I have one feedback on OSbot, lots of feedback/sales on Sythe.

Am I supposed to ask everyone from Sythe to make an account here just to leave me feedback? No. I joined this community because it's the most active BOTTING community, not for gold/account selling. I am also interested in scripting here in the future.

Please, stay on topic to the original post & keep hate comments to yourself. It's rude to start an argument on someone else's post. You didn't even answer the question that was asked.

Have a nice night :D


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