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Chances of getting banned RCing?

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f I only want to bot runecrafting to 86, is there a high chance of getting it banned? I used to bot years ago before EoC and everything in Old school is legit work, I only have runecrafting on my mind to bot but am worried I'd get banned and lose all my work. I plan to bot while studying or watching shows so I have an eye on it, any tips or advice to ease my paranoia since I never got banned so I can't imagine the feeling of losing so many years of work. Thanks in advance! Does the ZMI have a high banrate?

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I've been banned on several mains and several bot accounts it seems to happen no matter what script you use.. Like they said if you care about the account I wouldn't bot on it, more then likely it will be banned, when? Who knows you could be banned for a script you used 2 weeks ago, several times I've been banned I was playing legit on mobile version then come home to log in and found my accounts banned.

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