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  1. ye, playing with some dragon balls if ya know what i mean
  2. can you roast ur eggs on it?
  3. Need a scripter to script me a script, could u be the one my love?
  4. I need a scripter with good reputation and whom will respond lol
  5. the real question is u ok matey?
  6. U should bot it, it will minimize the risk of getting banned. If u dont bot ull get banned
  7. Im not a scripter but i could be ur bf
  8. Welcome and sorry if I ever killed u at green dragons, u guys made me to a better pker!
  9. Norscax


    ye and kinda told us that 1000 times
  10. Norscax


    did u guys know he's an olympic gold medalist?
  11. Should he pay 100m for ur acc based on ur reputation and feedback? I personally think not.
  12. Nechryaels: the script does not att after the kill since the Death spaws keep atticking. The spawns should be ignored so that the script can go to the next npc
  13. Maybe tinder does not allow being that ugly l0l
  14. this is so typical scripts of urs m8 haha, eather looting scripts or buying scripts
  15. PP ull go first, u offer
  16. ur picture makes me uncomfortable
  17. u will go first or we can do split payment payment on paypal u offer!
  18. This is not @Dbuffed https://gyazo.com/f737adf4504ef85ed5d70399354618b5 Scammers discord: Dbuffed#2052
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