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Comment if you've been banned recently

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experience, most mondays are ban days for me. might be because i bot more on the weekend versus weekday. either way it happens more then


17 minutes ago, HoneyDewBubbleT said:

every day = ban day wtf???

23 minutes ago, botmasterdragon said:

What.,..? Monday = Ban day? Where u get this from



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Do you guys agree that it has been alot more bans nowadays? I remember half a year ago, i would start my acc, bot when i had a chance/was on my computer to babysit.. could be 1 hour and could be 12 hours (ofc not staight and not same skill), gotten acc´s to 80´s most skills, 107 cmb with 80´s and a few 99´s, 90 cmb and a couple 99´s...

Now (the last month) every acc i try so start betts banned within 2 weeks.! they are membs, i dont do long sessions, i didnt bot agility on all of them, i also quested and shit on a few on them, almost got 100 qp on at least 2 (by hand)... 

Are you of the same opinion as me that its kind of hopelss now?

:edit And yeah, i use proxy or change my ip before starting a new one as i assume the flag an ip when you get a ban!

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