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Saying good bye to botting for now!

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Lost a ton of accounts over the years of botting. Im throwing in the towel for now. Im having fun playing. And you cant bot casualy just lost my main alt after a week of botton him 2 hours a day. Followed every rule to keep from getting being banned and it didnt help. So... I may start doing services tho. Not making the mistake of working for someone tho and getting paid pennys. We will see. Been fun few years boys.

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2 hours ago, THS said:

Knew the AI and machine learning memes were on the way.

Machine Learning is in itself a huge learning.
You need to be familiar with software engineering, math and data science.
Probability and Statistics
Data Modeling...:feels:

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Goodluck getting machine learning implemented if you can't tell the AI what it's doing wrong. When you get banned, even after a few hours of gameplay, there's already millions of actions performed and considering you cannot tell the AI which ones got it 'killed' you can't have newer generations improving. 
Even if you did, you'd need thousands of generations before might get one lucky enough to evade bans, then jamflex updates something and you're back at square one.
It's hard to teach a machine to be human because humans are incredible fucking stupid and inefficient, but at the same time you can't reward and AI for being inefficient because then it going to be doing fuckall. 

tl;dr highly doubt AI will ever be a thing in botting.

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