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While we are at it, triangulation scams. [Explanation]

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Due to the recent disputes, increasing rate of members being contacted by imposters on discord, I believe this is a necessary explanation of how triangulation scams work so we can all start avoiding it.

How it works:

A scammer will contact 2 users, he will tell both users he is the other person, he will make both of them message each other as confirmation and will scam (potentially) both of them after they both confirmed the identity of the other party. This is done by telling both users he is the other person they want to deal with. 
(more information here: https://www.radial.c...ngulation-fraud )

How to avoid:

  1. Ask the other party to always CONFIRM and STATE THEIR discord name+tag through OSBot PM / OSBot Chatbox.
  2.  Ask the other party to always send you a picture of the discord chat through OSBot PM / OSBot Chatbox.
  3. Ask the other party to state their discord and part of the conversation you are having if a picture is not possible.
  4. ALWAYS USE MIDDLEMAN. This is a suggestion for your safety's sake and not for personal gain.
  5. Enable Authenticator for your OSBot forum account for gods sake; https://osbot.org/forum/settings/account-security/


Just going to leave this here.

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