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  1. Atleast include the gpu too, and whats with half the the Ghz of normal comps? damn
  2. Accounts will be back in stock within a few days, please be patient
  3. Looking for someone to do this on a pure, mountain daughter, the grand tree, haunted mine, fishing contest and dwarf subquest for dwarven cake NO DEFENCE EXPERIENCE IS TO BE GAINED offer me prices below in 07, you will be paid the equivalent in BTC no botting obv
  4. For everybody who tried adding my disc / PMing me, I had some irl issues and wasn't here sorry.
  5. Looking for someone to do me 59-70 agi no botting, I keep marks, trusted only lmk prices
  6. Back in stock! 1. Pictures of the account stats No stats oldschool 2. Pictures of the account bans 3. membership left (if there is any) No membership 4. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address 1k-5k+ days old accounts without email attached I'll be selling 100+ accounts with user login, all come with unverified email so you can set your own. Most of them are over 5,000 days old, possibly making them very good for botting. Will be asking 200K per account or equivalent in BTC. Minimum order is 5. Leave a reply then PM me here or add my discord: NEW DISCORD: Kapo#2140
  7. Ah ok, forgot to say none of them have e-mails attached
  8. Hiya, I got a list of about 100~ accounts with username logins, some unique, some have 9hp on rs3 2k-5k days last login, I would assume good for botting, osrs tutorial not done. Edit: all come without e-mail register so you cna put your own on
  9. Pm me what you want for them Discord: Gaatjeniksaan#8042
  10. Fire wave splashing 7gp/xp (50k xp/h)
  11. Message @D Bolter and just swap your 07 for a voucher
  12. Looking for accs with 44+ runecrafting, preferably with 30+ hp/defence, can be botted just with no bans, post below
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