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When did you first play run scape? :P

what year did you first play run escape   

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  1. 1. what year did you first play run escape

    • Dinosaur DAYZ before 2005
    • RSC golden days 2005 - 2007
    • 07 Scape (the 3d release)
    • The day rs3 DIED , 10th December 2007
    • New to the game in the passed 2-3 years

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hey fellas

so ive only just for some unknown reason started playing runescape again and no i dont mean that new shitty thing they are calling runescape:feels:.

at heart im a rsc player but have not played since way back (it's been dead for years anyhow) so i was just wondering do we have any old school RSC Veterans kicking around the forums maybe even some people from the old Rei-net or user's of the best RSC BOT to date STS(skull torcher skriptable)  , hopefully i dont have the dates to out of whack :ban::ban:but yeah thought id search for a botting community to be part of. 




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