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terratraitor's Feedback

  1. MikeysGoldShop left Negative feedback   

    Scammed me out of $150 USD

    terratraitor was The Seller

  2. gh0ul left Positive feedback   

    sold him a starter Hardcore Ironman <3<3 Great dude and great trader A+++

    terratraitor was The Buyer

  3. Exosion left Positive feedback   

    Did a quest in no time and trusted on my new main with wealth also a friendly guy to deal with!

    terratraitor was The Seller

  4. zachfreshh1 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Did Dragon Slayer in 12 minutes, so legit! A++

    terratraitor was The Seller

  5. zachfreshh1 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Did 9qp for FREE! This guy is actually the man! A+++ Huge Vouch

    terratraitor was The Seller

  6. D Bolter left Positive feedback   

    Did another series of quests for me. thanks!

    terratraitor was The Seller

  7. omgwow left Positive feedback   

    Solid mate, was more then I expected. Will definitely work with him more

    terratraitor was The Seller

  8. D Bolter left Positive feedback   

    Did MM+Frem Trials+Lost city quests for me. Really chill and friendly guy A+

    terratraitor was The Seller

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