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  1. wait wtf? lol? 1. haven't scammed you, you blocked / deleted me 2. unblock me or w/e so I can reach out 3. it was 108usd worth of rsgp you get of me
  2. HE blocked me, so HE has to unblock me..
  3. Hey, this is true, I was in a trade with OP, but as you can see in texts it was midnight for me and I fell asleep.. Just woke up and tried to contact OP but HE either blocked me or deleted me... If he can readd me or whatever so I can pay him, would be great Edit: he says amount is 150usd, which is false, it's 105usd worth btw Edit2: If you need proof or the whole convo to confirm it was midnight and I said that, lmk
  4. pm me ur discord, i'll do for free
  5. script is broken and screams ban me, use with caution
  6. https://osbot.org/forum/forum/28-accounts/ ??????? u ok OP?
  7. Holy shit, so much ignorance and hate against OP @asdttt. guy is doing a great job. to the hating retards neck it, to OP, keep it going
  8. 4m only!! Check my thread for vouches - hand done questing and super fast!!! TimotheusGodTimoTimotheus#1090 is my discord
  9. 4m for ALL quests hand done - insane fast! Check my signature -> thread for vouches etc! discord: TimotheusGodTimoTimotheus#1090
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