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woner if it worked


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So i knew i had a drug test coming up and i wasn't going to pass it. So i bought this shit called Xstream its fake piss. I bought two and an at home kit, the at home kit it was the right temp and i passed the test. So i ace bandaged it to my leg and took it to the drug screening place. It passed for the temp. there and i asked if i get emailed the results and they said it goes right to ur employer. The test was to get the job and i didnt hear anything yet today, took the drug test yesterday. Think i passed or failed lol.

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5 minutes ago, bRipp3r said:

it usually helps to use a condom filled with piss and then keep it under your balls.

temp is good and the piss is real bby.

just gl getting the legit piss.

would like to know how you end up making it out though, with the fake kit and all. 

gl man

yea i didnt know anyone with clean piss atm, anything i use i always ace bandage it to my leg with a hand warmer. Just always use a bigger bandage and wear sweat pants with the elastic bottom leg incase it falls out the ace bandage so it dont fall thru ur pants and u look like a dickhead

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For wat kind of drugs? or just all kind of drugs?

for the next time try this, we did it always in jail, never got caught so maybe it really works xD

12 hours before the test, mix 4l water with 200ml lemon juice. and keep drinking till you have nothing left. also try to drink some coffee in the meantime, to make your piss a bit darker, if you just piss water, they let you piss again in a few hours.



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