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  1. Whats the agility level?
  2. Hi can do this for you for 11m, either pm me here or add my disc jmac#5820 to discuss
  3. It is a good script agility is hard to bot you need to use breaks
  4. Mac


    Added on disc
  5. Hi can do firecape for 10m and regicide for 5m if you have the agility level, pm if interested
  6. Mac

    52-71 agility

    55m total, all marks included, add my disc or pm, jmac#5820
  7. Mac

    1-86 Construction

    added on disc
  8. Hello I tried to add you on disc but can't find you. Add me to discuss jmac#5820
  9. Can do Mourning's part 1 + 2 for 15m
  10. Is this service still required?
  11. added on disc
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