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List of potential sites I can sell gold to?

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I've recently run into some success with my mini bot farm and I'm at the point now where I need to look for potential buyers. Not interested in selling privately, so does anybody have a list of trusted gold buying sites I can compare to get the best deal? I'd google it myself, but I'm not sure what's legit and what's not. As of now, the only site I know of is boglagold. Appreciate the help.

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8 minutes ago, Dbuffed said:

There are plenty of websites.

I have personally sold to only a few sites mainly being @Kaii, but I have also sold to independent traders like @Anomaly and @TWC who are also completely fine.

Just remember, if you do go with some solo traders (people who buy & sell but don't own major sites) are sometimes extremely rude. I have dealt with a few of those, and you would think they would appreciate you even taking a look at them but it seems not.

Thanks for the tip

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Just now, Dbuffed said:

No problem.

I do also find that websites always offer cheaper prices than you can get from solo traders, but this also varies from person to persons preference.

I guess if you're selling odd amounts like I do with my services either is fine, if you're botting say 100-300M+ a day or something a website might be better.

Yeah I'm projected to net like 20m a day, but I work full time so I don't want to be bothered with constantly finding solo traders.

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2 hours ago, Dbuffed said:

If you're only selling a small amount, I would suggest just trading @TWC or @Anomaly.

Although there are people who I personally wouldn't agree to deal with, these people are like @Imagine and @gearing this is of course just personal preference due to shitty attitude towards major customers.

If you're going to go for a site, I wouldn't use Bogla. I have had many issues with him although I understand others may not have. I have sold bills and bills to @Kaii although there are other options like @Arcus like @Partypeteshop and @Realist. Maybe even if you decided to expand a bit further @Dieze could take it too, i'm pretty sure if you keep in regular contact they will buy it without you having to find traders either. 

You get back what you dish out, thanks for the shout-out anyway!

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