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  1. nicksep


    mage training arena infinite boots + bones to peaches + master wand how much
  2. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/143690-med-level-rigour-barrows-gloves/?tab=comments#comment-1694069
  3. discord : Deso#1466
  4. nicksep


    ye don't need it anymore m8, got it done alrdy, forgot to update
  5. discord is garbage, including the fact u can just delete msgs, in general scamming is so prevalent. Skype is and always will remain hash 1 I love that u can instantly tell a scammer if he has a "live:" username on Skype too
  6. cool, count me in brother, respect
  7. nicksep

    sold | delete

    lol that piece of shit...
  8. cc : 'emblem area' cost like 1.1m each
  9. discord : Deso#1466 can meet anywhere in western europe rate negotiable
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